Know Your Customer norms are a global challenge in balancing the ease of customer onboarding while maintaining robust customer information to prevent against money laundering, funding of illegal activities etc.

DICE is keen to engage with public utilities such as Aadhaar and Digiwallet towards ensuring this balance in favour of public safety and public good.


Updated RBI KYC Master Directions Jan 2020 67pg Preview Download

Updated PMLA (Maintenance of Records Rules Source:BareActsLive 18pg Preview Download

PMLA (Records) Amendment Rules 2019 11pg Preview Download
PMLA rules 2019 Feb 9pg Preview Download
Targeted delivery of financial & other subsidies benefits and services 18pgs Preview Download
Judgement 26-Sep-2018 1448pgs Preview Download
PMLA Act 47pgs Preview Download
RBI KYC Master Directions (29th May 2019) 60pgs Preview Download
UIDAI Gazette Notification Pricing 3pgs Preview Download
Aadhaar and other Laws (A) Ordinance, 2019 12pgs Preview Download
Circular Dated 09/05/2019 of PMLA 4pgs Preview Download