Digital Sky (Drones)
The Digital Sky platform for civil drones is an international innovation that addresses commonly held concerns by governments while enabling the easy registration and authorised flight of drones in the country.
DICE is keen to collaborate with and evangelise this exciting ecosystem.
1st March 2019
Regulator Interaction
Last week, DICE had organised meetings with the DIPP and the DGCA. The meetings were extremely productive and it was great to see regulators engage at such a detailed level to further understand and address the concerns of the drone industry.This is an extremely positive sign and and shows how the regulators are keen to encourage the drone industry and its growth.
Topics discussed include import restrictions and their relaxation, NPNT compliance readiness- amongst others. A detailed mail of the issues discussed was circulated to all DICE members
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NPNT Workshop Deck 32 pgs Preview Download
List of DGCA Approved Flight Training Organisations 6 pgs Preview Download
Manufacturer of RPAS flow 1pg Preview Download
(Updated) DGCA RPAS Guidance Manual 66pgs Preview Download
AAI AIPS - Procedures for Operations of Civil RPAS.pdf 9pgs Preview Download
Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) 1.0 37pgs Preview Download
Drone ecosystem policy roadmap 24pgs Preview Download
RPAS Do’s and Dont’s 8pgs Preview Download
RPS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 3pgs Preview Download
OpenSource NPNT project Preview Download
DGCA RPAS Guidance Manual 57pgs Preview Download
Remote Pilot Training Flow Chart (Guidance Manual) 1pg Preview Download
UAOP Application Renewal Flow Chart (Guidance Manual) 1pg Preview Download
UIN Application Flow Chart (Guidance Manual) 1pg Preview Download
Acquisition of RPAS Steps (Guidance Manual) 1pg Preview Download
iSpirit Digital Sky implementation Preview Download
The following list of FAQs are to be read along with the FAQs published on the official Digital Sky platform-
In case of any queries, please drop a line to
1. What is the procedure for importing drone parts for assembly?
Drone parts are considered drones for the purpose of import and will follow the same procedures
2. Am I considered a manufacturer even if I’m only assembling parts to make a drone?
Yes, you will be required to take the same steps as the manufacturer