DICE is the Digital India Collective for Empowerment

Who are We

DICE is the Digital India Collective for Empowerment. As the leading Digital Payments industry body we are committed to working with a variety of stakeholders such as Governments, Regulators, Policy makers and Industry participants to create a stronger and more effective Digital payments ecosystem for India.
India today boasts the most diverse and advanced Digital payments system anywhere in the world. At the heart of this ecosystem is India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI). With an ‘India-first’ mindset, it has succeeded in extending digital payment rails to every person with a bank account and a mobile phone.
As we bring more Indians into the digital fold it is clear that our work is only just getting started.
DICE’s objective for the Digital Payments industry is two fold:


To assure every user of a secure & reliable digital payments ecosystem operating at the highest performance levels with engaging customer feedback frameworks.


To ensure the wide availability of an easy to use, accessible and non-intimidating digital payments experience, in the hands of every Indian.

Safe & trusted Digital payments are the first step towards building faith in digital lending & savings products that can transform the lives of millions of Indians.
UPI now regularly crosses 1 billion transactions per month only four years after its launch.
It is with these objectives that we embark to create a Digital Payments Ecosystem in the interests of every consumer and our country.
Join us, won’t you?
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