An India-first approach to the digital payments industry

Our Vision

To foster the inclusive development and success of India’s digital payments ecosystem

What we Do

Leading new discoveries in digital payments


To function as a central point of information on the digital payments industry and share our learnings around new developments in India


To raise awareness of digital payment utilities available to users and entrepreneurs


To bring together the different stakeholders in our payments ecosystem to make sure our innovations don't leave anyone behind


To hear your thoughts on all things payments in India and make sure your feedback reaches the right people

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Tweets that Matter

It was a pleasure being Policy partner for this project with @TTCLabs

The process included a deep dive consumer study & an iterative Design workshop.

It lead to designing UX interventions that could best educate consumers on #Datasharing & #Privacy practices

Do have a look!

Our Co-founder @Saranyagop joined the Finsec Conclave @DSCI_Connect with @benichugh & @JhambDharmender to discuss the challenges of acheiving the twin objectives of #Privacy & Financial innovation!

While #UPI has hit record highs this past month, #BBPS has been making history on its own!

In March 2021, Total BBPS Transaction Value hit
Rs.51.95 Billion!

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