India First Approach to Digital Payments Industry
An India first approach to creating collaborative industry regulator relationships in the Digital Payments space
1st March 2019
Press Statement
DICE (Digital India Collective for Empowerment) would like to extend its support and congratulations in the enforcement of the Aadhaar Amendment Bill and its empowerment of Aadhaar systems. The Aadhaar Amendment Bill does a commendable job of reinstating the benefits of Aadhaar while ensuring compliance with the Supreme Court judgment.

Our support of the Aadhaar Amendment Bill is in line with our key objective to establish presenceless and paperless transactions Рto enable every Indian resident the unhindered ability to avail effective and competitive essential financial services of her choice digitally…
It is an endeavour of DICE to become a thought leader in each of its areas of operation.
The first pillar of research lends to discovering well thought through the objectives of the industry and India - which will be the basis of Dialogue with each regulator.
Educating the public on initiatives taken on each of these emerging technology verticals and the impact of their lives is one of the key responsibilities of DICE.
As is essential to any provider-customer relationship, feedback will be a prominent feature. The DICE score seeks to serve as a form of industry communication with the regulator.

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